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We are dedicated to providing a high quality cream containing supplements for relief of painful nerve symptoms. Nerve Balm contains specific supplements for blocking pain and promoting restoration of nerve integrity. It was formulated over an interval of about one year and employed in an on-going clinical trial with approximately 25 subjects. Purchase Nerve Balm here.

“I’ve suffered neuropathy in my feet for almost 20 years. Prescription meds help for the most part. When I started trying Nerve Balm for night-time flare-ups, a small amount helped immediately. But the best part is this: I finally followed Dr. Kurn’s instructions to apply the cream in the morning and at bedtime BEFORE the daily return of pain, burning, and tingling. To my happy surprise, I’ve been almost pain-free for almost 3 months now! Glad I followed his advice.”
— Gerry Sanders, Ph.D.

Dr. Kurn’s “Herbs and Nutrients for Neurological Disorders” is available at Amazon. A guide to herbal and holistic medicine for brain health and neurologic disorders, thes book provides detailed herbal, antioxidant, and nutritional strategies for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, stroke, migraine and seizures. Co-written by Sheryl Shook, Ph.D.