A note from Supplement Creams CEO Dr. Sidney Kurn

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After 35 years as a clinical neurologist, I am pleased to offer a topical cream that works for painful peripheral neuropathy. A year and a half ago, I suffered from encephalitis with hospitalizations at Santa Rosa Memorial, UCSF and Brookdale Rehab Hospital in Santa Rosa. I was left with a significant peripheral neuropathy. Fortunately, the motor component improved quickly but the sensory neuropathy seemed to progress during rehabilitation.

I published two books on herbs and nutrients in neurologic disorders and started an herbal pharmacy, Farmacopia. I felt that I might be able to formulate an effective topical cream to block the neuropathic pain and promote nerve regeneration. With a year of experimentation, I ultimately formulated a cream that not only helped restore my sensory nerve function but also proved helpful in an on-going survey clinical trial with about 20 individuals with painful sensory neuropathy. During the survey trial, not only was the cream beneficial for polyneuropathy, but appeared to be of definite benefit in low back pain with a radiating nerve component (sciatica), post-shingles pain, nerve entrapment - particularly the ulnar nerve at the elbow and Raynaud’s Disease (where the hands-digits turn blue or white with pain in cold weather). It also appears to be of benefit in hereditary nerve pain (CMT) and to relieve pain in about 50% of individuals with joint pain, particularly knee pain and hand pain.

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My formulation was guided by several principles:

  • First, the cream would contain the herbs and nutrients that I would recommend for oral use in painful peripheral neuropathy. In particular, the ingredients would inhibit glutamate, a neurotransmitter in pain transmission, and enhance GABA, an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the nervous system, including pain inhibition. Vinpocetine was included as an inhibitor of sensory nerve transmission.

  • The second principle was to include herbal extractions from Ayur Vedic and western herbology known for their capacity for nerve restoration. In addition to St. John’s Wort and Bacopa, I included an Ayur Vedic herb, Shankpushpi, used traditionally as a nootropic. I discovered that Shankpushpi (Convolvulis pluricaulis) enhanced the analgesic effect of the cream and might contribute to its nerve restoration effect. Three essential oils were added for their pleasant scent, analgesic effect and salutary effect on nerves.

  • Another guiding principal was to incorporate low dose DMSO. Not only does the DMSO enhance absorption of the cream, but is known to have anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

    My work resulted in a cream called Nerve Balm. I am pleased that it smells good, feels good, is easy to use and is effective.

Currently, Nerve Balm comes in 1 oz. samples and 2 oz. jars. The 2 oz jars are currently available on the website of my LLC, Supplementcreams.net, Amazon and at several stores with supplement sections including Farmacopia in Santa Rosa and Natures Health Food store in Palm Springs. It may also be available through your integrated practitioner.

With sincerity, I hope Nerve Balm is pleasant to use and effective for your painful peripheral neuropathy.

For our health,

Sidney Kurn MD
CEO, Supplement Creams LLC