"I spend many hours a day on my feet, training dogs, practicing martial arts, and dancing.

By the end of a long day the discomfort in my feet—tingling and burning, can become quite uncomfortable. However, since I’ve been using Dr. Kurn’s special cream (about eight months), there are some days where I don’t feel any discomfort in my feet. The level of pain is consistently lower, and sometimes not even present at all.

The quality of my life, by abating this pain in my feet, has been improved. I cannot say enough positive things about the effect this has had on my condition.

Once again, Dr. Kurn, you’ve been a great help to me."

Steve Rose


"I rubbed the cream on and the relief was wonderful. My wrist has had a lot of surgeries and I have metal in my elbow, wrist and knee. The inflammation and pain is relieved with this cream. Apply twice a day."



"I have been using Neurocream for the past seven weeks. I deal with pain in both of my feet due to Neuropathy. I have tried many different types of gels, creams,and lotions. I apply the cream in the morning to both feet and have been experiencing little to no pain throughout the day. Neurocream is the best product I have tried, providing lasting results."

Richard M.-Rancho Mirage CA.

“I have tried your balm for the last week. I was a skeptic , but I indeed feel better. I would say that the pain that I was having is reduced by 50% or so… Surprisingly, much of the weakness that I have had in my left leg is better.  There remains some residual issues and I am not back to my active self, but I am truly astonished so far by what progress I have made in a very short period of time.  I have to say that I have been keeping myself at rest much more than I used to and that could play a role in my improvement… I will recommend that my patients give it a try as well.  Thanks for your help.” 

G. Boone MD


"Neurocream glides on the skin smoothly and cleanly and, after several applications, it took away the nerve pain I had. I also have arthritis in my knee. I have been rubbing the cream on in the areas where it hurts, and it takes the pain away for over 4 hours."

B Sterman


“I am a 66 year old woman with osteoarthritis in my knees. My knees flare in wet and cold weather and after exercise. This salve has been effective in preventing soreness when applied before exercise and in eliminating pain for several hours when applied afterwards.”



“I’ve suffered neuropathy in my feet for almost 20 years. Prescription meds help for the most part. When I started using Nerve Balm for night-time flare-ups, a small amount helped immediately. But the best part is this: I finally followed Dr. Kurn’s instructions to apply the cream in the morning and at bedtime BEFORE the daily return of pain, burning and tingling. To my happy surprise, I've been almost pain-free for almost 3 months now! Glad I followed his advice.”

Gerry Sanders, Ph.D.

“My lower back pain has been a reoccurring, debilitating problem that has plagued me over the last five years. I had been using ibuprofen to dull the pain, but the impact on kidney function was a cause of concern. I started using Dr. Kurn’s Nerve Balm at the suggestion of another family member who, though not using the product, had heard that the results were beneficial. Applying the product thee times daily over several weeks, I found that the discomfort was gradually reduced and presently, I am able to function normally.”

E. Boone

“Dr. Kurn's Supplement Creams Nerve Balm feels great on my hands and feet. Having peripheral nerve damage, my hands tend to crimp up and get tight. When I apply Dr. Kurn's Nerve Balm, I can feel it penetrating the skin in a cool and soothing way, and my hands and fingers open up and become more dexterous and flexible. I would recommend it to anyone with neuropathy or tightness.”

D.F. (Patient with Charcot Marie Tooth Type 1A(Hereditary Motor Sensory Neuropathy)).

“I would like to report that I have used Nerve Balm, Dr. Kurn's exclusive formula for several months and find that it is quite effective in minimizing the symptoms of my peripheral neuropathy including burning pain, numbness and cold sensation in my feet.   I have noticed no side effects. I have also recommended Nerve Balm to several of my patients.”

-Isaac Gardner, M.D.

Both of my parents use it and it works for my dads nerve pain in neck and lower body. My mother used it as well for her arthritis in her hands and allows her to sleep better without having the pain.

-Justin Doss

Nerve Balm reduces the burning and tingling and soothes the pain in my hands and feet. I notice the relief immediately after use of the cream. My peripheral neuropathy was first diagnosed in 1998 and I take other supplements. I would absolutely recommend Nerve Balm to others suffering similar symptoms.

  • John Duran

I’ve suffered from a severe strain and pruritus (in scapular area) since about 2012. I started using Nerve Balm and within three days I could feel a difference. Within a week I could feel a significant difference. After the second week my symptoms had decreased to about 20% of what it was before using it. At that point I went cold turkey for two weeks and my symptoms came back, but not 100%. Of course, after two weeks off I immediately went back to using the balm. My symptoms now are below 20% and I am finishing the jar. I am looking forward to trying the new formula. When I get the batch intend to also use it on my neck and lower back, in which I have spine damage from other injuries. I am optimistic that it will help those areas as well.

- Denis

My husband suffers from neuropathy due to diabetes. After several attempts to find relief for the nerve pain with many products on the market, NerveBalm was recommended by our daughter-in-law as an easy to use,  natural product without the worry of side effects of yet another medicine. After six weeks of use, we've found NerveBalm to have a pleasant aroma and it has been the welcome relief which my husband so desperately needed. The middle of the night stabbing pain in his feet is now gone and just a small amount of the crème is used each night.

Mrs. Virginia M.

Randy Olhiser/66 years old:

I am a 66 year old man who recently suffered a right sided stroke. I am recovering from a stroke and using NerveBalm to help ease the pain from a right frozen shoulder. Easy to apply with a pleasant aroma. I use it daily and it has been working very well for me.

Randy Olheiser